o kepeken linja pi pu lukin

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What is PuLukin?

linja pi pu lukin (or PuLukin for short) is a sitelen pona font developed by jan Sa. Its goal was to achieve a handwritten style that stems from the official symbols in pu, and treat unofficial words with the same respect. It started as a small goal to try and find existing sitelen pona characters for every word in nimi ale pona, but grew into this larger project. Thank you so much to everyone who shows their love to this little font of mine!

How to use the font:

BROWSER BUG ONLY: If the characters are no popping up correctly (i.e. toki shows up as to ki) then simply cut (ctrl+x) and paste (ctrl+v) your text.

sitelen pona: Toki Pona words are automatically replaced with their sitelen pona characters. You can use [ and ] to create cartouches (at the moment there is no way to have them connect, I'm trying to figure something out).

sitelen Lasina: It is possible to use Latin characters in this font. For a, e, n, and o, add a 1 after them to revert them from their sitelen pona character. To stop a word from becoming a sitelen pona character, add a hyphen somewhere in the middle (the hyphen is invisible). Example: the word "test" can be written as "t-e1st"


8/22/21: nimi ku en sitelen Lasina li lon! The font now supports all nimi ku! You can now also use sitelen Lasina! kokosila, te, to, and yupekosi have been updated!

Next update: Modifiers. If you want a specific combination that isn't common, submit a proposal here.